Mormon Delusions

Outsiders familiar with Mormonism’s weird, strange and fanatical offspring will view the exchanges between Nemelka’s adherents and his critics as yet another rendering of the bizarre.

A way to judge matters of faith is to use rulers like history, scripture and experience – paticularly the experiences of others. 

Clearly the agnostic would mock unseen matters such as the virgin birth, the resurrection and the hope of heaven.  Because the Sealed Portion purports to speak on matters of faith, it should be measured by rulers of faith like history, scripture and experience.


Q. Is there any historical precedence for the Sealed Portion?
A. Yes, the Book of Mormon.


Q. Are there any scriptures that support the Sealed Portion?
A. Yes, for the idea of a “Sealed Portion”; no for the teachings in Nemelka’s.


Q. Are there experiences like Nemelka’s account regarding the coming forth of his Sealed Portion?
A. Yes, there are accounts of spiritual messengers, both the divine and the deceptive, visiting people.  

Because the teachings in the Sealed Portion are unscriptural, his experiences are deceptive.  

Q. Why does Mormonism produce so many religious fanatics?
A. The spirit world is foreign to Mormons. As soon as one of them attempts to traverse it, they become deluded without even realizing it. Carefully played, a deluded Mormon could be used to do any of a number of things much like David Koresh and Jim Jones were.

Q. Will Christopher Nemelka do what David Koresh, or Jim Jones did?
A. That depends on his cohabiters. Because Nemelka flies above holy writ, anything could happen.

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