Strike 2

We have examples, but would like readers to send us their own.

5 Responses to “Strike 2”

  1. Did Samuel the Lamonite have more truth than president Nephi or not? Why would God send true messengers in another way today? Your website is just orthodox nonsense and I do not see how you could have any peace in your life fighting against real truth probably in the spirit of anger and contention bcing so brainwashed from the doctrines of men. I do thank you for allowing me to laugh at your nonsense making Chrisopher’s truth all the more clear and bright! God Luck- you really need it! Scott

  2. Oh my after reading your site I am so afraid and worried Christopher could have been brainwashing me!Dan-g he must have brainwashed me so good I have hydrocephelaus probably since birth which means I can’t get the excess water out of my ventricles and he must be a tricky God because it occurred before I was born- I must have sinned in pre-existence according to you since you don’t believe in reincarnation…but how can that be too- how then does your president(s)and leaders say spirits sin? Maybe you should check you infallble but changing Mormon Doctrine books but no you won’t bash them like you do Chis will you? Hmmm who really has the axe to grind?

    • sealednot Says:

      Scott, Thomas (whoever you are), your preconceived notions are clouding your view of the site. We are not LDS, there, take a breath. If reincarnation makes sense, you need Jesus.

  3. Sorry, my english is not very good, but i will try to express the best way that i can. having a testimony of the book of mormon, which i have, and having a testimony of joseph smith, wich i have, and having a testimony of the church of jesus christ of lds, which i have as well, when i came to the knowledge of chris nemalka, only one thing came to my mind: God doesn’t lie, and by a detealed analisis, study and reading the word of our heavenly father, and with the testimony we may recieve if we ask in the name of christ (moroni 10: 4-5) by the power of God we shall come to know the truth of all things. I am witness that he is just a man that wants to mock the truth, i ignore if the enemy had influence in his writtings and teachings, but i feel that he has. sending my thanks to your work in bringing the light forward to iluminate the truth, and vanish all false doctrines wich come from the enmy of all truth. nemalka is just a false witness, and my testimony is stronger than the fraud of all men that work against the restored church of our lord and savior. Amen

  4. Just a quick look at the first two chapters shows him drawing on LDS Urban Legends about Heavenly Mother. Memalka book is as bogus and the ‘additional scripture’ that the Strangites came up with. And another strike: it doesn’t conform to the law of witnesses. He has nothing akin to the Three or Eight witnesses yet we are told out of the mouth of at least two witnesses shall every word be established.

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