Spirit World

54 And it came to pass that all of His spirit children followed the Father into the world that was created for Adam and Eve. Nevertheless, the spirits existed in a different realm of this world—in an ethereal state did they exist. (Chapter 6)

6 Therefore, all spirits are confined to the atmosphere of the world in which they live; and they cannot exist outside of the boundaries that the Father hath set according to the laws of nature that govern the boundaries of all the planets that are capable of producing and sustaining life.
7 And within these boundaries, the spirits interact with the spirits of those that are confined to a body of flesh and bone during the days of their probation.
8 And it came to pass that after the Father had presented Jehovah to be our leader, or in other words, our God, in this part of His kingdom, He returned once again to His own planet where we, as His children, were created. And the Father gave a commandment unto Jehovah that only he would be allowed to leave the confines of the boundaries that were set to govern the world that the Father had created, but only at the appointed time according to the commandment which the Father had given unto him.(Chapter 8)

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