Spirit possession has been confused with reincarnation by Chris Nemelka, believing he is the reincarnated Hyrum Smith, instead of being possessed by the spirit of Hyrum Smith. Some background information is required.

1. Spirits/entities cohabitating with humans are not always evil. For example, the “spirit of divination” is mentioned twice in the Bible, once in the Old Testament and once in the New Testament.

And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain. (Acts 16:16)

When the priests of pharaoh performed their miracles to match those of Moses, they were possessed by spirits/entities, which gave them knowledge, power and insights. Unlike demon possession, these are not outwardly destructive, but are energizing

Without Disclosing My True Identity – The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.

In fact, since Joseph was such a prolific writer, so long as Nemelka channels him, we can expect rapid productions of his writings, like the recent: “Without Disclosing My True Identity – The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.” pictured above.

2. Hyrum Smith has been overshadowed by the fame of his younger brother Joseph, but the facts are clear, it was Hyrum who counseled Joseph throughout his life. There was a reason they died together, they were partners in crime.

Hyrum was the one who told Joseph to sell the copyright to the Book of Mormon in Canada, behind the back of Martin Harris. Following his elder brother’s (6 years senior) advice, Joseph “inquired” of God and received a revelation saying what Hyrum wanted. This scenario repeated itself over and over again, like with polygamy: 

Clayton wrote that day in his journal:

Wednesday 12th This A.M, I wrote a Revelation consisting of 10 pages on the order of the priesthood, showing the designs in Moses, Abraham, David and Solomon having many wives & concubines &c. After it was wrote Prests. Joseph Hyrum presented it and read it to [Emma] who said she did not believe a word of it and appeared very rebellious. (William Clayton Journal, entry for July 12, 1843)

 Hyrum actively promoted polygamous abortion:

LDS Elder Ebenezer Robinson testified that Hyrum Smith “instructed me in Nov or Dec 1843 to make a selection of some young woman and he would seal her to me, and I should take her home,” he recalled, “and if she should have an offspring give out word that she had a husband, an Elder, who had gone on a foreign mission.” Possibly referring to a secluded birthplace, or conceivably to abortion, Robinson spoke of “a place appointed in Iowa, 12 or 18 miles from Nauvoo to send female victims to his polygamous births.( Ebenezer Robinson to Jason W. Briggs, Jan. 28, 1880, LDS archives. On December 29, 1873, Ebenezer and Angeline Robinson signed an affidavit saying that Hyrum Smith had come to their house in the fall of 1843 to teach them the doctrine of polygamy.)

Smith was accused by Sarah Pratt in an 1886 interview with “vitriolic anti-Mormon journalist W. Wyl” of allowing John C. Bennett, a medical doctor, to perform abortions on polygamous wives who were officially single, which she alleged limited Smith’s progeny from these wives. She based this on statements made to her by Bennett. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_of_Latter_Day_Saint_polygamy)

Hyrum tried to cover it up:

It is not my fault; Hyrum Smith [Joseph’s brother] came to our house, with the affidavits all written out, and forced us to sign them. Joseph and the Church must be saved, said he. We saw that resistance was useless, they would have ruined us; so we signed the papers. (Andrew F. Smith, The Saintly Scoundrel: The Life and Times of Dr. John Cook Bennett, Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1971, p. 141; Richard S. Van Wagoner, “Sarah Pratt: The Shaping of an Apostate”, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 19 (2): 79)

Hyrum never left Joseph’s side. All acts by Joseph were likewise by Hyrum, if not instigated by him.  


Joseph and Hyrum continue to endorse what they started. The spirit of divination inflicting Nemelka is none other than Joseph and Hyrum. When Joseph visited Nemelka, where was Hyrum? Not far away. Their plan to hi-jack a restless soul whom they could possess at will and further their earthly work was found with Chris Nemelka. Ask Chris if he feels led (i.e. inspired), strengthened (possessed), and consumed by things having to do with Hyrum or Joseph (his possessors)? 

The possession maximizes when Nemelka is around women (things Joseph and Hyrum liked) or channeling text (what Joseph was expert at). Nemelka described not knowing what he translated, i.e. channeled until the day after. This is evidence his consciousness was displaced. 

Those near him during these times of heightened possession  should describe a type “magnetism” about him, particularly while dating, etc. 

Nemelka is not to be blamed. He admired Joseph and felt priviliged to have an assignment from him.


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