Mike Rigby

Mike Rigby was the first to publish the writings of Christopher Nemelka in his compilation of “sacred” text:

This work [Sacred Scripture] is a compilation of Sacred Scripture preserved by the hand of God to come forth in this the evening of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. Each of these texts is now presented to you in the same form as I received them.

As the compiler of this work I bear my witness to it and to the divinity of Jesus Christ. I have felt His light and love penetrate every cell of my body. I know that no greater joy can be experienced in one’s life, and it is my hope that through the pages of these texts you, too, will develop such a closeness with the Lord that you will have Him walk and talk with you.

Mike L. Rigby
M.A.P. Incorporated
131 N 1330 W #13
Orem, UT 840571

That compilation consisted of The Writings of Abraham, The Book of Moroni, Brother of Jared [Nemelka], The Shulemna, Writings of Moroni, Last Days Admonition, Seek the Lord, The Sayings of Jesus, Book of the Generations of Adam, The Ascension of Isaiah, Levels of Light, The Revelation of John — The Unfolded Version.

Worldcat lists Sacred Scripture with Mike Rigby and  “Joseph Smith” as its authors:

Sacred scripture
Author:     Mike L Rigby; Joseph Smith
Publisher:     Orem, Utah : M.A.P., ©1994.

The Openlibrary listing notes the copyright date of 1994 was for the 10th edition.

Sacred Scripture
10 edition
Published June 27, 1994 by MAP

Rumors were circulating along the Wasatch Front about the compilation:

5 years ago I was given a book called, “Living Scriptures”. According to rummor, It was found in the Church Secret Archives by a night watchman. He gave it to a man named Mike Rigby, who published it. After it was copied by Mike, the night watchman put it back in the archives. Sometime later, the nightwatchman was questioned and he confessed the crime. He was fired.

The book is about Adam, Enoch, Moroni’s travels during his 20 years wandering. It’s a great book. I’ve let some read it and they put it off by saying it’s from the Devel.

Ure’s Truly, Aug 30, 2001,  #7515

The rumor was confirmed by Susan Carter:

Well Dennis you got the story partly correct. By the way if anyone wants a copy I have 20 or so for $5. I was quite involved with Mike in promoting the Sacred Scriptures. The story you told was for the Book of Jared. Now the rest of them came to Mike in various ways and from various people.

Susan Carter, Aug 30, 2001, #7529

By “Enoch:”

Yes this is a rumor. Mike Rigby compiled the Sacred Scriptures himself from various personal associates he knew when he was doing the Fringes radio show. For example the Shulemna was given to Havah Pratt who then gave it to Mike Rigby, and other of the books like the Isaiah ones, and the Adam and Eve stories were translated by David Whitmer. I suggest contacting Mike Rigby himself- I will need to find his email address- but I have talked to him on the phone a couple times as well as listened to several of his old radio shows from the early days when the Sacred Scriptures came out, to which he sent to the First Presidency which they rejected and then excommunicated him.

Enoch, Aug 31, 2001, #7531

By Stephen Dark:

Where did Mike get his material?? Well that shouldn’t be too hard to guess. Stephen Dark interviewed Mike earlier this year, and Mike ended up confessing that Nemelka was the source.2

And by Nemelka himself:


Rigby had great success in selling the alleged looted scriptures from LDS Church headquarters:

Sacred Scripture has sold between 12,000 and 14,000 copies, says Mike Rigby, president of M.A.P., the Orem publishing house that produced the book.3

Who is Mike Rigby, the first promoter of the writings of Christopher Nemelka? Rigby was one of some seventy-five self-proclaimed correctors of Mormonism who in 1995 took out a 3/4 page add in the Salt Lake Tribune chastizing Mormon Church leaders:


Dozens of current and former Mormons say they are having visions, writing scripture, speaking in tongues and talking with angels.

Now these believers are trying to wake up humankind to its imminent demise.

“The great cleansing of the Earth is about to begin,” declared a large advertisement in Sunday’s Salt Lake Tribune. “It will start with those who have been given the most light and yet deny his power among them.”

The ad went on to urge people to “seek the spirit of God in their lives and to come out from under the bondage of relying on the arm of flesh,” in preparation of a thousand-year reign by Jesus Christ, known as the millennium.

The $4,300 ad, which covered nearly three-quarters of a page, carried 75 signatures. It was placed by Mike Rigby, a 39-year-old Orem man who runs Modern Automated Publishing (M.A.P.) which specializes in life-after-death books.

But Rigby denies that he is the leader of any organized group or movement.

Rather, he insists, he is just one voice testifying of God’s continuing spiritual gifts. Rigby said he, like many of those associated with the movement, has been excommunicated from the Mormon Church. But many more have not, he said.

Rigby said their revelations do not urge them to practice polygamy, stockpile weapons, escape to the mountains, attack the U.S. government, stop paying taxes or establish a church.

Rigby’s sojourn with the supernatural began when he published Life in the World Unseen, a book purportedly dictated by Robert Hugh Benson, an Anglican priest who died in 1914.

The book describes the afterlife, allegedly from Benson’s experience, Rigby said, and “it went along with LDS doctrine.”

Benson could not reach “the upper levels of heaven” without the appropriate signs and symbols, Rigby said. So Rigby and his wife Carol went to the Mormon temple in Provo to perform vicarious temple rituals for Benson, including posthumous baptism into the Mormon Church.

The next morning, Rigby said, Benson and two of his friends “showed up in our bedroom.

“It was fascinating,” he said.

For the first six months, Rigby said, he didn’t tell a soul of his otherworldly callers. Now he is ready to tell the world.

“We are raising the consciousness of people,” Rigby said this week. The destruction will begin in Utah with those Mormons “unwilling to accept additional light and truth.”

That includes current members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as all the breakaway groups such as the polygamists of Manti lead by Jim Harmston, Rigby said.

People who hear his story want to join with him or form an organization.

“They’re coming from a system where the prophet tells them what to do and think,” he said. “So now they want a new leader.”

But that is precisely the problem, said Rigby, who compares the movement to a colony of ants in which each ant performs a specific function and contributes to the whole without central leadership.

“The curse of a prophet is depending on him rather than on one’s own revelations,” he said.

Rigby said he has been having daily exchanges with God and Jesus Christ for at least the past two years and in much of his life does only what God tells him to do — like placing the ad. Someone else in the movement, he said, was likewise told to pay for it.

David Whitmer, a Sandy contractor and father of nine, claims to have had similar divine manifestations for the past 10 years. He also claims to have received sacred writings known to Mormons as “the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon.”

Mormons believe that founder Joseph Smith was commanded by God not to translate all the writing on the gold plates he received from a heavenly messenger.

Together, Rigby and Whitmer produced Sacred Scripture, which includes writings they purport are from the Old Testament prophet Abraham and the Mormon prophet Moroni.

They sell the book for cost, Rigby said.

Not everyone finds in the new scripture additional light and truth, however.

John Muir of Davis County said much of the book is “filled with expanded and fanciful accounts of old prophets like Abraham, Adam, and some new Nimrod.”

The book promises but fails to “reveal things of the future,” Muir said. In addition, Muir noted several passages describing the prophet Abraham dancing naked with several of his wives.

This work claims to celebrate “some kind of holy ravishment” where the enlightened few “expend fluids into the waiting mouths of those who want to be filled with the light and holiness of the power of God,” Muir said. “This sounds like an orgy to me.”

Jenet Hansen, who signed the ad, said the passages to which Muir was referring were “from Abraham’s personal diary and that was his experience, not ours.

“God only gives us what is for our highest good,” she said. “I don’t believe in a God who has any need for sexual perversions.”

All the ad’s signers want to do is share their spiritual experiences, Rigby said.

“God and Jesus are getting ready to divide the sheep from the goats,” Rigby said. The criterion is not church membership, but “what’s in your heart.” (Peggy Fletcher Stack, THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, May 27, 1995, D1)


On a side note it must be asked, “why were these claiming to be led by God to the point of having visions and so-called visitations being led into that which is most offensive – polygamy?”

Test the spirit by its fruit.

If the spirit that told you to testify of the truth of Nemelka’s writing led you to write to church headquarters and convince them of its worth; and to take out an add in the Salt Lake Tribune; and to go into polygamy; and the plurality of gods – clearly are not the Holy Spirit of God, and the so-called “visitations” experienced by Rigby, Nemelka, and whomever “David Whitmer” was, were “as” angels of light, but not actually messengers sent from the One, True, God.

Those seventy-five will be held accountable for promulgating Nemelka’s lies.


2 Responses to “Mike Rigby”

  1. Susan Green Says:

    There has always been opposition to truth, and not to many ready to accept truth because it can become very uncomfortable. There have been some above quotes that are real fabrications and not correct in any way, simply faulty thinking and lack of understanding because of people asking not to confuse them with the facts, and not going to the Lord with their questions. People like Mike will always be persecuted for their beliefs.

  2. Mike L Rigby Says:

    To the credit of those who put this information out about the origins of the book “Sacred Scripture”; Most of the information is accurate. Some however is not and some is pure fabrication. As the compiler of the for mentioned text I still stand by its enlightenment. Never have I claimed that it was all absolutely true or without error. It does however have many, many truths which can help a true seeker of further light and knowledge advance their spiritual understanding and connection to God. The experiences that I went through in the decade of the 90’s were real and I thank God for the personal growth that I received from each of them. All of us have come here to grow and develop our personalities to be more God like. The bottom line is to master the ability to LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS. If the Sacred Scripture book helps you do that then it has fulfilled its purpose. May God continue to bless you on your path as you seek truth.

    Mike L Rigby

    PS. I have compiled my personal story in book form and it is available in a pdf file should you desire to hear it in my words. Simply email me and ask and I’ll send you a copy. Rigby801@yahoo.com

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