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12/15/2004: “The Purpose of Modern Scripture—An Explanation of the Urim & Thummim—How The Gold Plates of Mormon Were Translated

Skeptics have used the fact that the Book of Mormon, as well as The Sealed Portion, quotes directly from other sources of accepted Holy Scripture as proof that these modern revelations of scripture are not divine, but inventions plagiarized and made up by my own hand (a.) and that of Joseph Smith. Because many verses of scripture have been copied verbatim (b.) from other sources of scripture, more often than not from the King James version (c.) of the Bible, one could be puzzled as to how this could be when different authors penned each book. Also, the purpose and function of the Urim and Thummim has been misunderstood and taught erroneously, as many have claimed to be in possession of it, yet the end result of their use of what they claim does not substantiate the veracity of the use of the true and heavenlty (sic) authorized Urim and Thummim

Notice, all throughout this treatise his explanations include the truth of how he did it:

  1. Plagiarized and made up.
  2. Copied verses verbatim.
  3. Used the KJV Bible. (Royal Skousen said Joseph did not use the KJV.)

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