Liberty Park

On 6-15-2012 Stephen Dark posted on the City Weekly NEWS BLOG a three day (June 15-17, 2012) event hosted by Nemelka at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, UT:

Today through Sunday, Nemelka will be broadcasting via nine one-hour sessions—three each day—covering his seven books, with an introduction and conclusion.

Here is the description of each podcast:

MWAW Worldwide Commencement Radio Broadcast (Part 1) by Marvelous Work and a Wonder in Education, Official introduction of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Part 1

Introduction to the MWAW; Human Reality–Who We Are and Why We Exist; The Man From Joe’s Bar and Gill; who is Christopher and why and how was he chosen as the MWAW messenger.1

Part 2

The Light of the Moon–The Plain and Precious Words of the Ancient Prophets; 666, The Mark of America–Seat of the Beast; The Apostle John’s New Testament Revelation Unfolded; Without Disclosing My True Identity–The Authorized and Official Biography of the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jr.2

Part 3

The Sealed Portion–The Final Testament of Jesus Christ; Sacred Not Secret, The Official Guide in Understanding the LDS Temple Endowment; Conclusion.3

Here are select quotes from Part 2:

dark skin Africans are not beautiful

the message of true messengers is “you’re not special”

what did white people do, they set up religions to make themselves appear the best on earth…they began to expand their land, gold, etc…again, the white people thought they were the greatest thing that ever lived

American Indians were still not that good-looking of a people…these people were short, running around naked everywhere

whites destroyed them and took their lands

the white person had the Bible and God liked the white man

savages were living like little children, thus began the United States of America and nobody can change that history…they stole the land [9:45]

thus enters Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the Biography of Joseph Smith explains all this perfectly, it’s not what LDS think it was

the Book of Mormon was written by advanced human beings to prove to the white races that the dark skinned races were just as important to God as the white skin, THAT’S THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE BOOK OF MORMON [12:15]

[Wrong. It’s purpose is to testify of Christ!]

this Book of Mormon is saying that the white people caused all the problems, that’s what it’s about…simply a race equality book…to get away from the prejudicing caused by the Bible…those who don’t believe the Bible won’t believe the Book of Mormon, it wasn’t for them [14;15]

[Racist against whites!]

that was the mission of Joseph Smith Jr., there was NO OTHER MISSION FOR HIM…those who accept the Book of Mormon stole the promises for the dark skin people for themselves…so Joseph Smith was mandated to give the people what they wanted for their own destruction

his biography is profound, it silences all authorities on Joseph Smith, it explains the things that happened, how it really happened in those days [16:15]

he never told anybody who he was…”if I told you who I really was, you would rise up and kill me”…his job was to allow the white skin American people to change the way they looked at themselves and others…but they were allowed to set up their own religion…that were simply the philosophies of man mingled with scriptuture

what J.S. did was amazing…there is no possible way that I could as a normal human being know this stuff, there is no way

what is going to happen to me in the near future is what happened to Jesus, he was rejected and they killed him…alot of that comes because that is how they perceived themselves

I will be available in years to come…

get rid of the written word, get rid of the scriptures [22:25]


here’s the problem for future generations, you’re still going to have the problem of money

NOW, this MWAW has the plan…so there is a greater equality

there’s a chance that it will still be setup

which is this, that you take care of the poor among you

it’s not going to impede free will

I’ll be available for the next few years to help you to change things how they are…there’s never going to be a Utopian society on this earth until 2145…there’s going to be another 133 years on this earth [26:00]

read the Book of Revelation and everything in it, those weird beasts etc. have already occurred…15 billlion of us in this solar system…John used the rhetoric of the Bible

you have the 666 The Mark of America…the first nine sections were written by John himself…all I did was put them on a level that you could understand…the rest of the book takes it verse by verse to explain where it came from

“666” people think it has to do with some devil [laughing] there is no such being as a devil or anything like that [29:30]

I’ll exist somehwere in the future as an old man

people actually believe there is some kind of a god that motivates them to do something…when they do something bad a Satan or Lucifer

it’s going to be quite a ride for you people in the future

how could we possible believe that the U.S. and how it came about is a good thing??? I am hated vicioiusly at this time by American Patriots

I would admonish those in the future to listen to these broadcasts

not only will you be able to chose what sex you are going to be but also to some degree how you want to look [35]

until 2145 you are going to be just as ingornat as us…so     we have 133 years in which we have the opporutnity to see how we go about existing with this world

it’s about true messengers [his books]…how messengers were treatedall one has to do is look at how I and my work is treated [38:18]

[Victim card and arrogance.]

all the scriptures were edited with a certain agenda

the irony of the message is don’t listen to anyone outside of yourself including me

let’s summarize…the reasons we chose Friday the 15th to start the MWAW…exactly 133 from this time exactly to the second, the Advanced Human Beings are going to introduce themselvs into this world and everything that I have said will make sense [41]

what I’m trying to say, the MWAW began way back then…they know what’s going on…this is their work…they’ve been presented as John the Beloved and Three Nephites…in a way that humans can understand

[Does not believe there is a real John or Three Nephites!]

they [LDS] have what’s called a priesthood in that religion…12 year old, imagine what that does to that kids mind19, more power

[Confessed, his expectations were never fulfilled. No doubt as a missionary he miserably failed.]

it will be a few short years when they [LDS Church] will incorporate homosexuality

everything in the past doesn’t count…by 2017 the U.S. will not exist [51:36]

America is no better than anyone else

a group of white people come over and destroy another people.

I am hated because of how people view themselves

[All others are wrong.]

child support [56:23] we [people in general] wanted somebody out there to tell us the real truth

[No doubt another victim card to justify his lack of child support.]

if this MWAW wasn’t given to me where would you turn for real truth? religion, philosophy, science? it’s all about us being eternal equal beings folks [57:45]

[Arrogant! Places himself above God, man, and reason.]

ok to summarize again, it’s all about messengers

the devil is not even mentioned in Revelation, its all about the economies of the world [59:34]

[Wrong, the devil IS mentioned – FIVE times!]

I’m going to try to reiterate something you haven’t gotten so far, listen closely my friends who support this work…for the purpose of the generations that follows is to protect this work

don’t let anyone go in and change anything in these books or these broadcasts

the only true messenger before me was Joseph Smith [61:59]

you in your twenties to thirties, you have gifts and abilities to express the significance of this work to future generations

William Smith, 8 year old said to Sheri with his hands on his hips, “don’t you just hate to hear your husband [Christopher] talk? That’s all he does is talk.” [64]

[Out of the mouths of babes!]

that Jesus guy, the same thing happened to me…that Jesus guy

all your religion, all your scriptures is bunk [68]

…there is only one person authorized to share any of this work it is me…tell people to listen to the radio show

I’m asking you to please, do not proselytize this stuff

[Is it important or isn’t it? Is it for everyone or isn’t it?]

if for any reason you share this work with those who don’t ask will bring harm [69]…keep them in your heart, it’s for you

I’ll be protected as I always have

I don’t like negativity, I never have

[Pot said to the kettle! Who is anti-Bible, anti-Book of Mormon, anti-white, and anti-America!]

for the sake of this work and my own safety live the principles of this work

we’re going to be around for quite a while

this messenger man, dude [referring to himself]

what happened to me over the last month, I was given the ability to work and maintain in an emotional balance to continue this work…I’ve been given the ability to end the frustration

[The true Spirit has comforted true messengers in times past. Where is Jesus in Nemelka’s daily talk? Absent, what a fraud!]

my voice doesn’t rise and fall so much…William said to Sheri “your husband is loud, he speaks so loud”

I’m a lot happier now than I have ever been

It is clear from the above statements that Christopher Nemelka is fulfilling prophecy.

1. No Devil

Nemelka flat out denied the Devil exists and denied that he is mentioned in the Book of Revelationfive times!

And behold others he flattereth away and telleth them there is no hell and he saith unto them I am no Devil for there is none and thus he whispereth in their ears until he grasps them with his awful chains from whence there is no deliverance. (2 Nephi 28:22)

2. Against the United States of America / Zion

Nemelka denies Book of Mormon prophecy which claims God led the white Gentiles to the Americas and it was God who allowed them to chastize the American Indian.

For the time surely must come that all they which fight against Zion [U.S.] shall be cut off. (1 Nephi 22:19)



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