This comment is by  Sue K., a past insider who was with Nemelka for the creation of his books and web sites. After four years with his “work,” she is now away from it and has this to say:

From: Sue K.  To: Stephen Dark (City Weekly)
Sent: Thu, December 23, 2010 6:08:24 PM
Subject: Re: Nemelka

Hi Stephen… (and Harry and Chris)

I’m actually going to reply to your email and “CC” both Christopher and Harry.  Since Harry is the one that gave you my name…and since Chris is the one that we’re talking about.  So this dialogue will be totally open between us all…nothing going on “behind the scenes” so to speak.

As to what you said about, if “…Nemelka’s comments were hurtful…” to me. I would say…no…they were not hurtful at all. In fact…I just had to smile. He knows the roll I played…as so do many others in his “MWaW group”. I could paste dozens upon dozens of personal emails to show how I was involved a lot more than just “to create the websites…that’s it”.

But alas…I will go down in his MWaW history books as the one that “…was paid to make the websites” and “…used”.

…and that is OK.

Chris has proven with these words that he does exactly what he accuses others of saying about him. He tells partial truths so that his angle can be proven as the only one that is right.

…and that is OK.

He has the right to do, write, claim and say anything that he wants.

For whatever it’s worth. I believed with all of my heart and soul that he was a “true prophet”. That he was the one chosen by the Father to bring “Truth” to this world. I read all of the books. I was involved in publishing and designing most of the books. The photos of the “couple” in the “Sacred not Secret” book are of my own children. I was involved with EVERY aspect of setting up the Worldwide United Foundation. There was a time I was officially even made “an official spokes person” of the WUF. I was privy to “special meetings” and discussion groups involving “the work”. I was as devoted and as loyal a “follower” (for lack of a better word) that Christopher had.

So, I guess…the question would be. Why is Sue Kammerman no longer a part of his “MWaW”?

My answer: Tests…mind games…white lies…behind the scene emails…more tests…more mind games…drama…drama…drama. That is how I would describe the 4 1/2 years of my life knowing Christopher Nemelka.

In the beginning Christopher’s message was simple. It is the predominant message of TSP…and it is what drew me to “the work”. The simple message given by Jesus Christ and so many other great avatars of generations past and present. “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Chris has turned that simple message into book upon book…page upon page…of do I dare say…”bullshit”.

I believe that there truly is a “work of the Father”. And it is going on inside each and every person on this planet. It is the realization inside each of us of our origins and who we truly are. And the only way to peace and happiness is through loving ourselves and then loving everyone as we do ourselves. There is evidence of this all around us. In our movies, books, music and in life. I do not believe that “the Father” needs to send the world an official representative (such as Christopher) to do tell us this.

The last year and a half since leaving the “group”…has brought me more personal growth, joy, happiness and peace than the “Chris years” ever did. My marriage is stronger, my children are happier, our home is more peaceful. Sure life is life…there are ups and downs…good days and bad days. But…hey…that’s life. “It’s all good!” (as Chris use to tell me)

I wish only the best to Christopher and all of my “friends” that are still part of his “MWaW”. I hope that they are happy and at peace with who they are.

I don’t envy you writing a story like this. I’m sure you’re glad when it will be over. I know the feeling…believe me!

All the best, Peace and Merry Christmas, Sue s:)


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