65 And it came to pass that the brother of Jared saw the workings of Lucifer and his followers as they went throughout the earth deceiving the children of men and turning many away from the precepts of God.
66 And behold, there were many spirits which did possess the bodies of many of the sons of Adam insomuch that they did that which is contrary to the will of God by desiring their brethren in a way that a woman desireth a man.
67 And the Lord was merciful unto these sons of men and understood the reason for their unnatural state. And I marveled at the love the Lord had for these brethren who were possessed with the spirits of those who would have been women had they been allowed to pass through their second estate.
68 And they were meek and compassionate, having many of the qualities of a righteous woman, yet they were mortal men having a body that was like unto their mortal fathers.
69 And the brother of Jared beheld that these men were despised by their brethren and mocked and ridiculed for their manner of speech and the workings of their nature.
70 Nevertheless, these were loved by God. For behold, the Father loveth all of His children, and those of His children that rebelled against Him in the spirit realm are loved by Him as well as are all of those who did not rebel against Him.
71 And thus hath He commanded us to love our enemies and those that are not like us, yea, even those that we do not understand, and do good unto them, all of us being the children of God. (Chapter 5)



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  1. W. O. W!! As my Irish mother would have said, the man is nuttier than a fruit cake!! It’s just sooooo scary!!!

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