Axes to Grind


Children Not to Play

40 And they shall command their children that they shall not play with those who are not of their faith. And they shall not allow in their churches and their temples those who do not abide by the commandments of the church according to the words of its leaders, even though these that they do not allow into their church might abide by all the words of Christ. (Chapter 48)

Sue in Court

41 And they shall sue in the courts of law one another and seek for glory and riches of the world, and set themselves up as a light unto the world and send forth missionaries into every part of the world that they might convert all the children of men to their religion. (Chapter 48)

Only True Church

42 And when they find one that will give heed unto their words, they shall testify to him that they believe in Christ and that they are the only true church of Christ upon the earth. Nevertheless, they shall not require that that person obey the words of Christ, but the words of their church. (Chapter 48)

Satan Runs It

43 And Satan shall use this church to deceive the earth and turn the people further from the message of Christ. And this church shall grow in strength, even by the power that Satan shall give unto it. But its numbers shall be few, and the strength that they shall receive shall be the strength that Satan shall give unto them because of their riches and the money that they have taken from the people in their tithes and offerings. (Chapter 48)

Interferes in Governments

44 And they shall be involved in many of the governments of the earth and exercise their influence over many people because of their riches and the secret combinations that they have established to do the will of the Lord, as they suppose. Now, this is the exact situation in which the church at Jerusalem found itself among the Jews at the time of Christ. (Chapter 48)

[Nemelka tries to sue the LDS Church]

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